Who, what, where & when?

My name is Satu Järvinen.

I´m a 47 - year-old teacher and writer from Turku, Finland. My first non-fiction book was released in February 2012. It tells both theoretical and empirical facts about living with Cerebral Palsy (CP). Title: Järjenjuoksuja. Elämää CP-vamman kanssa (In Finnish).

My autobiographical poetry collection was published in 2016.

Education: Master of Education, University of Turku, 1999.

Teacher of special pedagogy, (mostly) Open University of Turku, 1996- and teacher of education 2008- . I also act as a tutor to online students.

Fields of interests: Because of my own disability Cerebral Palsy, I´m really interested in many topics of disability research. Inclusive education from early education to higher education is one of my main "missions". I think that our society should be open to all of us. But there is still much work to do...

I´m also a member of some Finnish associations for disabled people.
Earlier I had few confidential posts in them too, but nowadays I play more invisible role in such activities. I try to make things better mostly by writing articles and columns, giving lectures etc.

Music and literature have always been very important to me. I have played the piano since I was about six years old, and I read a lot; easily more than one book a day. I am a blogger too.